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Athletics:an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition.

Track: Athletic events performed on a running track and the field associated with it.

Vest: vest may also be worn as an outer garment in sports wear, especially in athletics. 

Short: cloth that every athelic has to use to practise sport.

Running Shoes:is a generic name for the the the footwear primarily designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise.

Motor Racing: races with motor bikes.

Circuit: plance where people practise motor racing and auto racing.

Crash Helmet: worn by people riding bicycles or motorcycles; protects the head in case of accidents

Swimming: sport, or technique of one that swims. 

Pool: An accumulation of standing liquid.

Swimming Costume (women): tight fitting garment worn for swimming.

Trunks (Men): are a type of men's swimwear style.

Boxing: activity, or sport of fighting with the fists, especially according to rules requiring the use of boxing gloves and limiting.

Ring: the place where people do boxing.

Gloves: cloth what boxers use to box.

Boots: shoes what use the boxers.

Ice hochkey: A game played on ice in which two opposing teams of skaters, using curved sticks, try to drive a puck into the opponent's.

Rink: An area surfaced with smooth ice for skating, hockey, or curling.

Stick: A long-handled stick with one curved end that is used in hockey.

Puck: a vulcanized rubber disk 3 inches in diameter that is used instead of a ball in ice hockey

Skates: an ice skate worn for playing hockey; has a short blade and a strong boot to protect the feet and ankles.

Skiing: a sport in which participants must travel on skis.

Ski slopes: a snow-covered slope for skiing. incline, slope, side.

Skis: is a long, flat device worn on the feet designed to help the wearer slide smoothly over snow. 

Sticks: usually with a metal point and a disc to prevent it from sinking into the snow, 

Ski suit: cloth that is use for ski.

Ski boots: shoes use for ski.

Hiking: a long walk usually for exercise or pleasure.

Camping: It is an activity commonly near trees outdoors that implies happening one or more nights in a shop of campaign.

Rock climbing: the sport or pastime of scaling rock masses on mountain sides.

Jogging: sport that consist runnig.

Gym: athletic facility equipped for sports or physical training.

Aerobic: is an effective physical exercise which is often done to music.

Sports club: athletics club or sports association is an eclectic institution oriented to multiple sports.

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    Check the definitions of:
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    - Camping
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    - Aerobics (spelling)