jueves, 13 de enero de 2011

THE INTERNET (23/09/2010)

Search Engine: look for something on the internet.

Download: get files and programs on the internet.

Kilobyte: kilobyte.

Cookie: file that enters in your computer to see yours internet activities.

Portal: a web site.

Search term: word that you write on the internet to search somethig.

Subscription: enter your personal data to become a member of a site.

URL: uniform resource locator.

Pop up: advertisement that appears suddenly when you are online.

Banner: advertisement.

Modem: machine that you need to access to internet.

File: document that contains some information.

Edit: change something in your computer.

View: the screen.

History: contains all of the web sites that you've seen before.

Bookmarks: favourites.

Tools: options for change the configuration of your computer.

Help: when you have any problem you can press the help button.

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